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This is a comprehensive speech and debate timer for NFL, CFL, STOA, NCFCA, and other College forensic league competitions consisting of Team Policy (TP), Lincoln Douglas (LD), Public Forum (PF), Parliamentary (PD), and many other individual Speech competitions.

Count down of remaining times as well as progressive timing marks are notified on screen for manual signaling. Audible timing beeps, timeout bells, and overtime buzzers can be individually enabled as preferred.

Following list of Timing Formats are currently supported:

- Parliamentary debate
- Lincoln Douglas Value debate
- Lincoln Douglas Policy debate
- Public Forum controversy
- Team Policy debate
- Impromptu speech
- Apologetics speech
- Extemporaneous speech
- Expository Speaking
- Original Oratory
- Original Advocacy
- Persuasive Speech
- Dramatic Interpretation
- Duo Interpretation
- Humorous Interpretation
- Oral Interpretation
- Open Interpretation
- Original Interpretation

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